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My mailbox has fallen and it can’t get up!

Things to do when your mailbox is out of sorts: it’s showing its age, it’s been the victim of a hit-and-run, it’s the subject of an HOA letter, it’s leaning or wobbling or bending in the wind.

Even the neighbor’s dog will have nothing to do with it anymore.

What to do?

Get to know Joe Chao, retired (8 years) Board Member and one the finest volunteer neighbors Magnolia Point has.

Anyone who knows Joe, knows that he is passionate about our mailboxes and their appearance. Joe has probably voluntarily worked on hundreds of mailboxes in the community. He can provide FREE vinyl numbers and FREE quality reflectors (better than in our local stores.) He recently drove down Colonial Drive and observed no less than 27 mailboxes in need of significant attention. All mailboxes must be plumb (straight up and down), a fresh coat of paint, have reflectors, legible gold numbers and scroll work in place on the metal stands.

This is offered for FREE:

Vinyl numbers
Good quality reflectors (one for metal and two for wood)
Help with refinishing existing metal (brass or aluminum) numbers

A completely new metal letterbox is available with the reflector and vinyl numbers for only $27.00. Otherwise, the existing letterbox must be sanded and finished with semi-gloss or gloss spray enamel to receive the vinyl numbers.



Please take advantage of this free service. To order, text Joe at 904-945-6529. The order will be available for pickup on his front porch at 3468 Olympic Drive.

Thanks, Joe, for always being available to help your neighbors.

Magnolia Mailbox Plans

All the requirements for mailboxes as described in our Community Handbook
Association’s website are available here.