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Faces & Names

‘Faces & Names’ features our neighbors, two households each month. You and yours can be featured, too! The only requirement is that you live in Magnolia Point, and can handle the questions!

Mary Bates (pdf) 101 Years Young!

Marcia & Bill Blackwell (pdf)

Susan & Gene Callahan (pdf)

Norma & Joe Chao (pdf)

Sarah & Corey Clark (pdf)

Valarie & Mike Collins (pdf)

Barb & John Coker (pdf)

Melanie & Ken Dean (pdf)

Nancy & Kevin Floyd (pdf)

Suzanne Foster (pdf)

Brenda & Tony Frey (pdf)

Laurie & Clayton Golden (pdf)

Jola & Albert Greiner (pdf)

Donna & Chuck Habing (pdf)

Becky Hinson (pdf)

Cheryl & Steve Kennedy (pdf)

Sandy & Norm Magyar (pdf)

Bobbe Marion (pdf)

Monty & Sharon Murphy (pdf)

Maggie & Paul Murad (pdf)

Juana & Larry Napper (pdf)

Phyllis & Charlie Skarbrevik (pdf)

Lee & Bill Smith (pdf)

Cheryl & Noel Starnes (pdf)

Dyana & David Treffinger (pdf)

Kathie & Keith Wilkes (pdf)

Marsha Zupan (pdf)