Faces & Names

‘Faces & Names’ features our neighbors, two households each month. You and yours can be featured, too! The only requirement is that you live in Magnolia Point, and can handle the questions!

Marcia & Bill Blackwell (pdf)

Susan & Gene Callahan (pdf)

Norma & Joe Chao (pdf)

Sarah & Corey Clark (pdf)

Valarie & Mike Collins (pdf)

Barb & John Coker (pdf)

Nancy & Kevin Floyd (pdf)

Suzanne Foster (pdf)

Brenda & Tony Frey (pdf)

Laurie & Clayton Golden (pdf)

Jola & Albert Greiner (pdf)

Donna & Chuck Habing (pdf)

Becky Hinson (pdf)

Cheryl & Steve Kennedy (pdf)

Sandy & Norm Magyar (pdf)

Bobbe Marion (pdf)

Monty & Sharon Murphy (pdf)

Maggie & Paul Murad (pdf)

Phyllis & Charlie Skarbrevik (pdf)

Cheryl & Noel Starnes (pdf)

Dyana & David Treffinger (pdf)

Kathie & Keith Wilkes (pdf)

Marsha Zupan (pdf)