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Welcome to The Magnolia News Op-Ed Comments Page. Below are the topics by month. Each link will take you to the Magnolia News post for that topic where you can comment. You must be a member of the Magnolia News Group on Nextdoor in order to participate. There is also a link for a .pdf version of each Op-Ed.

November 2023CLOSED – pdf here
  October 2023 – CLOSED – pdf here


We will invite opinion from time to time, with an emphasis on ‘subject matter experts’, individuals with qualifications or experience in a particular field or work process. Chef Meeks on omelet techniques, Joe Chao on all things ‘mailbox’, Cindy Triay on ‘green’ weed control, etc.

Bloom will accept for consideration any topic of general interest to the community, well-researched and absent any obvious bias, from the community at large and Committee Chairs. Anyone currently on the Board or serving it, may not apply. They have ‘Association News’. Current Board officials are not prohibited however, from submitting a report on any news item, that is, an item that would be normally found in the body of The News: their golf cart or classic car for profile, favorite recipe, human-interest piece, hurricane preparation tips, etc. As you know, we are always looking for material.

Board officials are NOT excluded from posting comments on Bloom topics posted on Social media.

 Why all the steps? Comment directly on a Newsletter story, in the document, obviously, is not possible. Social media is brilliant at hosting debate, but we don’t control those platforms. By putting an ‘in between’ step on a website we do control, we can direct visitors to the social media that works for us, Magnolia Point residents, regardless of their policies or changes to them, lack of availability, etc. While it is possible to pre-arrange a comment space, say, on Nextdoor and use that link into Bloom, to ‘bake in’ a link in this way is not best-practice. And, in any case, having a Bloom Comment post on Nextdoor is something you will see even when casually browsing their topics, available not just exclusively via links provided here.

Rev. 09/30/23